The Managing Director of eSell Bayern GmbH, Thomas Raßhofer, is now certified as a 3-Star Certified Service Partner IT by HUAWEI. Huawei thus confirms the high competence of eSell Bayern GmbH with regard to the IT services of the manufacturer’s product range.

In a short but so far very successful cooperation with HUAWEI, eSell Bayern GmbH was already able to successfully carry out complex projects in this time window, which had different requirements and required professional execution. The customers of HUAWEI Storage and servers include many top companies and institutions all over the world.

HUAWEI was founded in 1987 and is a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures and intelligent devices. With a commitment to solid operations, continuous innovation and open collaboration, HUAWEI is highly motivated and has developed a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecommunications and enterprise networks, devices and cloud technology and services. The company’s ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over a third of the world’s population. With 194,000 employees, HUAWEI wants to help shape the information society of the future and build a better networked world.

If you have any questions about HUAWEI’s product portfolio or services, please contact us. We will put you in touch with our certified managing director at eSell Bayern GmbH and present you with the optimum solution for you.