This year eSell GmbH can again continue its partnership with Intel® at the highest level. Intel has sent us the following lines:

Intel is pleased to acknowledge that eSell GmbH is a Platinum partner of the Intel® Technology Provider program – the top tier of our global membership program for companies that deliver Intel-based technology solutions to the marketplace.

Platinum partners are accepted into the Intel Technology Provider program based on meeting several eligibility requirements including regular participation in training activities.

By working with eSell GmbH, customers are engaging with a proven solution provider that has a strong understanding of Intel products and technologies. Intel Technology Providers with Platinum status have access to proprietary information, engineering support, and accelerated technical support from Intel, giving them the capability to create winning solutions based on industry­leading Intel technologies.

We thank Intel® for the continuing partnership with eSell GmbH and its technology solutions with the most modern and agile technology.